Design and development of  an innovative full feature stroller concept
including softgoods & accessories.

In collaboration with
Recaro GmbH

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Styling, design and realization of a series of flushpanels for the Turkish domestic market.

Developed for Design for Good

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Concept design and product development of a new USB data storage device. The USB connector slides into the protective casing when it is not used.

Developed for Freecom technology
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Modular cupchair design concept.
By offering different leg materials the chair can be used both outdoor and indoor.

Developed for Jardin Allibert

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Design and realization of a kitchen water tap used in caravans and mobile homes. The possibility of changing the valve neck makes it easier and cheaper for the manufacturer to offer both a bathroom and a kitchen version.

Developed for Reich GmbH
In collaboration with RRo

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Styling proposal  generated for a range of travel products. Aim was to use design as a way to create a high end look and feel on a standard range of OEM bags.

Developed for Verbatim
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Design proposal  for a professional earplug container. The container enables professional musicians, like DJ’s or concert players, to safely and hygienicly, store away their hearing protection devices.

Developed for Alpine hearing

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