Good product design has its foundations in the understanding of  the user and how he or she interacts with the product.

For studio EigenID, User centered design plays a key role at the start of the development process in order to create products that stand out and really make a difference.

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“Build to think, do not think to build”,

It is important to get as many ideas or problem solutions as possible at the beginning of a design process.

Outside the box thinking is crucial to identify new solutions.
By intensive sketching and the making of quick prototypes or mockups, EigenID investigates and tests various concept directions in order to find the best way to a suitable solution.

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In the final design stage, engineering becomes a substantial part of the creative development process.

EigenID makes use of the latest in CAD sofware, and 3D printing technologies in order to finalize and  validate the design, both functionally and aesthetically, this ensures a smooth transition to production engineering so we make sure this product will find its way to the market.

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